Leica Mount Lens

Focal Length > 85mm

  • Nikon 8.5cm F/2 Nikkor P. C. Vintage 85mm Leica M39 Screw Mount Lens Nice
  • Leica 8.5cm (85mm) F1.5 Summarex Fast Telephoto Lens In M39 Leica Screw Mount
  • Rare! Canon 85mm F/1.8 Mf Lens Leica Screw Mount Ltm L39 From Japan A990
  • Exc+++ In Case Canon 85mm F1.9 Leica Screw Mount Ltm L39 + Finder From Japan
  • Canon Serenar 85mm F2 Lens Leica 39mm Screw Mount L39 M39 Ltm / 180 Day Wrt
  • Mint Canon 85mm F/1.5 Ii With Finder, Hood For L Ltm L39 Leica Screw Mount Japan
  • Canon 85mm F1.5 L39 Mount With Rare Hood Leica Screw Mount Ltm Rangefinder Lens
  • Rare Exc+5 Canon 85mm F/1.9 Leica Screw Mount Ltm L39 Rangefinder Lens #169
  • As Iscanon 85mm F/1.5 For Leica Screw Mount L39 Ltm Rangefinder Camera Japan
  • Exclusive 1959! Red P Jupiter-9 85mm F/2 Ussr Lens Leica Screw Mount M39
  • Canon 85mm F/1.9 Leica Screw Mount Ltm M39 Black M Perfect Glass
  • Leica Summarex 8.5cm 85mm F/1.5 Lens For L39 Screw Mount & Case, Ltm Germany
  • Canon Rangefinder 85mm F/1.9 Ltm Leica Screw Mount M39 Lens With Caps
  • Mintcarl Zeiss Sonnar T 85mm F/2 Zm Lens For Leica M Mount Withhood #2430